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Worship Service

November 1 Worship:

Due to the continuing surge of COVID-19, Salem and Pleasant Prairie UMC will once again be holding virtual-only worship this coming Sunday, November 1. Since it is the first Sunday of the month we will be celebrating communion, so if you wish to celebrate together, please be sure to have your elements (bread and juice) on hand when we live stream at 10:15 a.m. “See” you in church!

What to Expect at SUMC In-Person Service

Letter from Salem UMC COVID-19 Task Force from June 2020

Who’s ready to worship God in person at Salem United Methodist Church!?

The Salem UMC COVID-19 Task Force has been communicating plans for us to return to the in-person worship experience. This past Sunday, June 14, Pastor Keith Hewitt announced that we were still considering a return to in-person worship on Sunday, June 21, 2020. The Task Force has confirmed that we have enough supplies and procedures in place to have in-person worship. We will be worshiping indoors for this first return regardless of the weather.

While we are looking forward to worshipping together in person, we do encourage you to assess your own risk before attending. We will be taking appropriate precautions, but if you are at a high risk for infection due to age and/or medical condition, please consider continuing to worship with us online, for your own wellbeing. As mentioned in earlier communications, the service will continue to be shown on Facebook Live.

Previous communications have included information regarding what to expect as we return. Another copy of that document is included here.

One clarification that needs to be made is with respect to the offering. While an offering plate or basket will be provided at the door as you enter, there will not be offering envelopes. Please provide your own envelope with your name written on it if you want your donation accounted to you.

The procedures for entering the church and sanctuary will require some extra time. Please allow yourself plenty of time to arrive for worship. If there is a line waiting to enter the church, and weather is nice, please remember to practice social distancing while waiting outside.

We are still seeking volunteers who are adults 18 and older in age to be Greeters and Ushers. Please consider supporting our church by serving in one of these critical ministries as we return to in-person worship at Salem UMC. Contact our church secretary, Regina, at 262-843-2525 or by email at salemumcsecretary@gmail.com if you would like to volunteer.

In Peace,
Salem UMC COVID-19 Task Force


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