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Aid Africa’s Children

Dreaming Big…

For the past six years, with the help of our generous donors and volunteers, Aid Africa’s Children has taken steps to provide needed resources that helped empower and inspire hope to African communities and the children being raised there.

With passionate commitment and established partnerships on site in Africa, we are daring to dream big! Over this next year, we are striving to complete a school classroom in the remote rural village of Kitenga in Tanzania, East Africa. Our dream is to transform the building structure from an unfinished shell to a fully functional secondary school classroom for girls. We want to hear the laughter and excitement of young girls fill that room- girls who NEVER before have been given the opportunity to pursue an education beyond the primary grades. We want to give them courage and hope to have the choice not to be young mothers married off at 13 years  of age and doomed to a life of poverty and struggles. With the opportunity to further their education, we can then empower them and equip them for a promising future.

Come Share the Journey With Us!


Dresses made by our church members were distributed at disabled children’s home in Makoko Village in Tanzania by Aid Africa’s Children.