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A Monthly Message


Dear Salem and Pleasant Prairie Family,

I need your help.

Now, when someone like Creflo Dollar says that, he’s looking for donations to buy himself a twin engine Gulfstream jet for 65 million dollars. Admittedly, that would be pretty cool, but I’m asking for something a lot less pricey: a few minutes of your time.

I am in the midst of a Course of Study class on preaching. So far, it’s been an interesting class, and I hope as it goes on I will be learning a lot about how to write a better sermon and be a better preacher, but in the meantime there is an assignment that requires participation from the churches I serve.

We are being encouraged—OK, required—to create a preaching plan for 2020. This is not so much to try to get us to change our work habits by writing sermons months in advance, but to help us look ahead and plan what we might want to be talking about during the coming year. Many pastors are what we call “Lectionary Preachers,” meaning we work off the Revised Common Lectionary—a rotating three year schedule of Scripture selections. This has the benefit of covering much of the Bible in the course of three years, but by doing that we might be missing something—something you want to know more about.

So what I’m asking you to do is to take a few minutes to respond to this survey: (click it for a larger version)

Tell me what topics or issues you would like to hear addressed in the coming year, or what questions you have about faith, life, or the Bible. Is there a book of the Bible that you would really like to learn more about—or is there an issue that you wrestle with?

For the next couple of weeks, a printed version of this survey will be in the bulletins at church. If you want to, you can fill it out and return it with the offering. OR, you can fill it out on this page, and return it to me. OR, you can just email me at pastorkhewitt@gmail.com with your answers to these questions.

This is your chance to influence what we’ll be talking about in church in 2020, and I really hope you will take the time to respond. I think this could be a lot of fun, and a great way to hear about the things you want to hear about.

Thanks for your help!

See you in church.
Pastor Keith

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